Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Big Idea 2014: Be an Actual Superhero

How to be a Superhero ...

Rule #1: You have to listen harder than normal people do

Rule #2: Help people even though you do not know them

Rule #3: Be more focused on the needs of others than your own needs

Rule #4: Be highly creative in your efforts to save the day

Rule #5: Be relentlessly optimistic

Rule #6: Maintain a great sense of urgency

Rule #7: Never allow bullies to win

Rule #8: Stop trying when the job is done, not before

Rule #9: Take no pleasure in the misfortune of others (even if they sorta deserve it)

To Be A Superhero, You Do Not Need Superpowers ... You Just Need To Focus On The Needs Of Others ... RELENTLESSLY.

TRY IT IN 2014 !!


From Bruce Kasanoff: If you need help, just click on the superhero (writer.) To see more of Bruce's articles on LinkedIn, click the "follow" button below, or follow@NowPossible on Twitter.

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