Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Power of Thinking Like You are "Superman" ...

I want you to start thinking like you are Superman.

Sound Crazy?

Sound a little nutty?

It's powerful.

It's based in quantum physics science.

It will change your life.

Read on …If there was any person real or fictional person whose qualities you could instantly possess, who would that person be?

I would like to put forth the proposition that "Superman" would be the perfect person.

Now you are probably thinking I have lost my mind right?

Read on, I think you will like what you are about to hear.

Superman is a fictional Action comic book superhero widely considered to be one of the most famous and popular of such characters and an American cultural icon.

He is indestructible, the man of steel, he can stop a freight train in its tracks....great powers to have in this day and age, wouldn't you say?

OK, this is sounding crazier by the minute, how is it based in science, and how can it change my life?

This is where it gets fun.

(For all my female subscribers don't worry we have not left you out. There is also a female version of Superman named Superwoman she has the same powers that Superman has, you will refer to her as you do this mental exercise.)

This is where you will learn about the scientific marvels of the human body.

First let's look at the qualities that Superman possesses, that you want to make yours.

1. Superman is powerful.

2. Superman is virtually indestructible.

3. Superman has amazing self esteem.

4. Superman has supernatural powers.

5. Superman can stop a speeding freight train.

6. Superman jumps into immediate action when troubles arise.

OK, we know that Superman has incredible supernatural powers, how can that help us?

What good will it do us to simply think we are Superman?

Here is where science comes in ... this is the part where you will be AMAZED when you learn about the supernatural powers "YOU" already possess!

Best-Selling author and M.D. Dr. Deepak Chopra tells us that our brains make certain chemicals called Neuro Peptides. These are literally the molecules of emotion. (Fear, Joy, Love, Etc.)

These molecules of emotion are not contained in your brain only, they actually circulate throughout your entire body.

Your immune cells which are protecting you from diseases like infection and cancer, and many other illnesses are also contained throughout your body.

Deepak tells us that the amazing part about of these cells of emotion and immune system support is that they are intelligent cells.

They are thinking cells!

He also tells us that these immune cells which are protecting you from disease are constantly eavesdropping on the conversation that you are having with yourself.

Your self-talk.

They listen in and adjust their behavior based on what they hear from you....their master.

So imagine what would happen if you started to think like Superman.

Here are some of the thoughts you might have during the day:

"I am indestructible"

"The challenges I face day to day are easily overcome, after all I am Superman/Supergirl"

"I have supernatural powers."

"I have incredible strength."

"Nothing can stop me.....nothing."

The billions of thinking cells in your body listen.Their mission is to complete the picture of you they see when they hear yourself talk.

They must obey.

Since you are "Superman" you cannot get sick. Your immune system cells are now fortifying themselves to make sure of that.

They are making you stronger everyday!

You have the ability to fight off all attacks, physical, disease, illness....after all you are Superman.

Superman is confident, your cells of emotion relating to confidence will now create more Neuro Peptide chemicals that promote feelings of power.

Superman is fearless, your cells of the emotion relating to fear will now create more Neuro Peptide chemicals that promote feelings of well being.

A feeling that you fear nothing …

Go for it!! by Dan Robey

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