Thursday, July 23, 2009

Project Management Certification

Until recently I was in search of gainful employment, which I have happily found. During my search I realized that there were a great number of 'uncertified' Project Managers in the business world, that are claiming to be Project Managers.

I think that if you are going to call yourself a Project Manager you should have to be certified as a Project Manager, either with PMI (Project Management Institute), IPMA (International Project Management Association, or an affiliate), etc.
Knowing first aid doesn't make you a doctor !!
Just like understanding the concept of project management doesn't make you a Project Manager !!

Certification to me means meeting a set of requirements such as those for a PMP - Project Management Professional (see chart).
I know what you are thinking ... and NO, I don't believe that a certification automatically makes you a competent Project Manager or even an average Project Manager ... that will come with experience.
I just think that only certified Project Managers should be able to call themselves Project Managers ... otherwise, why would anyone go through the effort to become certified ?
Thoughts ??
Sloan Campbell MBA, PMP, P.Mgr, F.CIM, CC

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