Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Project Management Unplugged - Book Release

My new book, Project Management Unplugged, is hot off the presses at Blurb!

Take a sneak peek and place your order if you're so inclined.
It's a book release, and you're invited -- check out my new book at ...

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  1. Hi Sloan: Thanks for the post on the PMISOC Website. I think that it would be great for you to connect with Jason Questor of Achieve Blue. http://www.achieveblue.com/index.php?page=team. Jason has echoed similar sentiments to what you have written and his team is moving and shaking in getting business executives educated with courses and speakers/authors such as yourself. If you will be at Project World 2009 http://www.projectworldcanada.com/toronto/toronto.html please drop in the PMI Pavilion as I am sure it would be a treat for the rest of the 10 Participating components to say hi in person.

    A. Hodkinson, Component Liaison for PMISOC at PW 2009